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Power Systems Study

 One-Line Diagram

An accurate one-line diagram is a necessity for any power distribution system. When a power or equipment failure is experienced an accurate one-line diagram can provide crucial information necessary in determining the problem and reducing undesirable downtime. Incomplete or incorrect information on a one-line diagram can create confusion increasing downtime and cost. Confusion may lead to a dangerous environment where personnel safety may be compromised. A one-line which is not updated also makes it difficult for maintenance personnel to locate a device or feeder quickly.

A detailed effort through field investigation should be made to ensure that your one-line diagram is entirely representative of your power distribution system.
From an accurate one-line diagram:
Qualified personnel can:
Evaluate the capacity and expandability of the power system
  Develop operating procedures for normal and emergency power scenarios
The learning curve of maintenance personnel may also be greatly reduced with an accurate up-to-date one-line diagram

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