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Power Systems Study

 Why Perform a Power System Study?

To determine if the electrical equipment installed at the time of original project construction is properly rated, or when modifications have been made to the original Power Distribution System changing or altering the overall design which determined these original ratings
To maintain a safe, efficient, and economical operation of the Power Distribution System
To reduce risk due to fire, injury to personnel, and damage to costly equipment
To determine if the electrical equipment of the Power Distribution System is properly rated for voltage, load current, and fault current, and whether the electrical equipment is electrically coordinated with upstream devices
To comply with the requirements of certain federal agencies, i.e., power system studies conducted at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport were needed to satisfy the requirements outlined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in fulfillment of FAA Order 6950.27 and FAA-STD-032
To update your one-line diagram to be representative of your current electrical power distribution system
To update your power equipment catalog with complete power equipment information

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