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Power Systems Study

 Reliability & Performance Study

Power systems are sometimes understood to always be available when needed, however that depends on the level of reliability. Reliability is based on the risk of sustaining a power outage or failure rate. The level of reliability is proportional to the duration of the minor or major power outage.

Performance is based on historical operational data and criteria. From the operational data, trends can be determined and levels of performance assessed. Levels of performance can be based on criteria such as the amount of power throughput, switching times between normal and emergency power, power quality, etc.

To improve reliability and performance:
A comparison should be made between your power system, current electrical codes, and the latest construction standards
Disconnects, transformers, and all protective devices should be checked if they are properly rated for overload and short circuit events
Historical data events requiring emergency generation should be documented, if available
Testing Procedures should be checked for reliability

It should be determined whether or not a modification to the power distribution system is necessary based on past reliability and performance. Cost of the modifications to improve reliability and performance is always a concern and the most critical modifications should be selected.

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