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Aviation Alliance Inc.

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NORTH CANTON - Akron/Canton Regional - CAK

• NAVAID Facilities - Extension of R/W 1

Aviation Alliance, Inc. was responsible for the relocation design of two Category I instrument landing systems (ILS), one at each end of Runway 1-19. Runway 1-19 was extended 1204' south and displaced 600' on the north end with existing pavement left in place. Both approach lighting systems (MALSR) were old with most light bars mounted on aluminum tubing low impact-resistant (LIR) structures. The FAA supplied a new DME Corporation MALSR on one end and the Airport provided a new MALSR on the other end. We replaced the Runway 1 MALSR and Runway 19 localizer (LOC) shelters with a single concrete structure positioned well outside of the Runway Safety Area (RSA) and Object Free Area (OFA). We provided a new concrete Runway 1 glideslope (GS) concrete shelter placed outside the OFA. The Runway 19 LOC antenna array was positioned to accommodate line of sight and a future south extension. The Runway 1 touchdown runway visual range (TD RVR) was relocated to the new Runway 1 GS area. The Runway 1 MALSR included an in-pavement threshold bar and two in-pavement 5-light bars. We relocated the Runway 19 GS shelter and antenna array to accommodate the 600' runway threshold displacement and place it outside the OFA. The Runway 19 TD RVR was relocated to the new Runway 19 GS area. The only involvement of the Runway 1 LOC was protection of its cables and lightning protection system. The Runway 19 MALSR equipment was placed in the existing large LOC shelter. The south end systems were constructed in 2002 and the north end systems in 2003.