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Aviation Alliance Inc.

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Ardmore - Ardmore Municipal - ADM

• Ardmore Municipal Airport Runway 13 Extension

This project consisted of extending Runway 13-31 approximately 1800 feet to the northwest at the Ardmore Municipal Airport at Ardmore, Oklahoma. To support the extension, the Runway 31 localizer system, including antenna array, equipment shelter, and changes to it's infrastructure including power lines, cables and conduit/duct banks, required relocation or replacement. Aviation Alliance, Inc. was responsible for all design of new concrete foundations for the localizer and shelter relocations and FAA power and control cables, including a new power service and pedestal located at the localizer equipment shelter. Other duties included development of a Memorandum of Agreement for the FAA's Reimbursable Agreement with the City of Ardmore, review of Prime's PAPI design and grading within the localizer critical area. Construction support services were provided.


Ardmore - Ardmore Municipal - ADM

• Ardmore Municipal Airport Runway 13 Extension, Obstruction Survey